Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Priority Health Tour de Leelanau - Featured Racer - Graham Howard of the Bissell Pro Cycling Team

Anyone who's been around Michigan racing the past couple of years will be familiar with the dynamic duo out of Grand Rapids, the Howard Brothers of Graham and Sven Howard.

After making big splashes in Michigan racing, both have moved upwards and now race together on Michigans ONLY UCI Registered Pro Cycling Team, the Bissell Pro Cycling Team.

At this years 2008 Priority Health Tour de Leelanau, the Bissell team is coming into the race with a STACKED roster, which includes Graham Howard.

After spending some time racing in Colorado, as well as lots of other states so far this season, Graham returns to Michigan looking to support his Bissell team as the shoot to retain the TdL title.

Graham was kind enough to take some time to answer some quick questions for us as he prepares for the Priority Health Tour de Leelanau:

1.How long have you been racing?

about 7 years now

2. What was your first team/club and what other teams have you raced for?

I started with the Ada Bike team and since then have raced with the Advantage Benefits Group team and now the Bissell team.

3. When did you turn pro?


4. What was your first race and how did you do?

Grattan was my first race. I got lapped a number of times.

5. Whatʼs your favorite Michigan race?

The Rockford Criterium (NOTE: This race is June 28th, DON'T MISS IT!)

6. Whatʼs your favorite Professional race?

Tour of Virginia

7. Whatʼs are your cycling strength / weakness?

I time trial fairly well and fair OK all around. Sprinting though is probably my weak point.

8. What was your first bike?

An old pink brute. It's still in pieces in my basement.

9. What is the funniest cycling moment you have had?

A buddy of mine raced an entire crit with a GU in his shoe without realizing it. It only dawned on him afterward when he took his shoe off to find a sticky mess.

10. Do you follow specific training programs?

yes I follow a training program.

11. Do you coach yourself or have coach?

A little bit of both, I put things together myself and then run them by a couple of guys who know their stuff.

12. What other interest or hobbies do you have?

I play a little racquetball, like movies and drink a lot of coffee

13. Whatʼs your favorite place to ride?

Northern Michigan is hard to beat. Actually Leelanau and Benzie Counties have some of the best roads and most FANTASTIC SCENERY, which is why I love this race!!! .

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